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Building and Maintaining an Online Presence Can Be Overwhelming...

Let's face it...there are so many tools and requirements to maintain an online presence for your business you almost have to be your own geek...

These days we have to maintain a website, keep up with social media, manage email marketing, and coordinate with traditional marketing. And this list seems to grow by the day. Who knows what the next big thing will be online. 

To manage all of these tools companies either hire a team or ignore their online presence. Hiring a team can be expensive and ignoring one of the most powerful marking tools available is not an option.

Finding The Next Step Is Difficult With So Much Information

Today there is no shortage of information about how to use website, social media, email marketing and more. Some of these sources provide great information about individual tools but there is not clear map for using the tools together. There is no step-by-step guide to creating a good online presence. 

You know how important a strong online presence is for informing potential customers, competing sales, and communicating with current customers. The question is what are the steps we need to follow to coordinate all of your online properties to create the strong online presence you want?

Most businesses find themselves hiring web designers or developers to create an artistic website. Or they hire a social media expert. Maybe even a search engine guru to optimize a website. Possibly even a marketing company to analyze the large amount of data collected online. What is frustrating is the lack of cohesion between all of these efforts. How are the efforts of all these people directed in the right direction?

Spending too much on web designer and developers with no results

Too much information available and no simple roadmap

Difficult to find and understand the trends in your online presence

Many Companies Suffer From Technology Fatigue.

We all want to provide value to as many customers as possible. We know that an online presence is the best, most efficient way to get our message out. But many companies suffer from technology fatigue. There are technologies that are hard to understand, information that seems to provide no value, and too many people telling us what the next big trend will be. 

What is it about companies that seem to know how to manage their online presence? Is there a secret they have figured out? Have they hired a team of expensive experts? Did the owner take a secret course that provided all the answers?

Actually most successful companies discover that to manage their online presence and grow their business they need a system that helps them examine their marketplace, create achievable goals, and provides the tools to measure their progress in meeting those goals. 

Successful companies have:

  •  A Process To Examine Their Audience. They have asked the questions and looked at the information to understand who would benefit the most from the value they have to offer. 
  • They Use The Systems That Work. Trying to use all the technology on the internet for your online presence leads to technology fatigue. Successful companies use only the tools that talk directly to their audience. 
  •  A Way To Measure Their Growth. Successful companies have a way to use the tools available to them to pick out the information that is most important to them so they can measure actual growth.

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