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Video Tip on how to find free and premium WordPress themes

Video Tip – How To Find A WordPress Theme

Video tip demonstrates how to find free and premium themes for WordPress sites.
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Questions To Ask When Hiring A Web Developer

Questions To Ask When Hiring A Web Developer

Here are four questions to ask when hiring a web developer. Learn why these are important and how to get more questions to ask.
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Lean how to add google analytics to a wordpress site

Video Tip: Adding Google Analytics To A WordPress Site

Google Analytics provides the tools to understand how a website is working. It is simple to add Google Analytics to a WordPress site after you create a Google Analytics account. This is a demonstration of how to add Google Analytics to a WordPress site. <iframe width=”560R
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Here are some call to action examples

Call To Action Examples

Visitors to your site need to understand what you want them to do. That is the job of the call to action. We discuss how to use them and provide examples of good call to actions.
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Learn how to embed a google calendar on a WordPress page

Video Tip: How To Embed A Google Calendar On A WordPress Site

Learn how to embed a calendar on a page so that you can publicize your events to your visitors.
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Learn what is a good bounce rate for a website

What is a good bounce rate

You bounce rate all depends on determining the goal of your site or page. We discuss how to decide your bounce rate.
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Lean how the robots.txt file words and see examples

Video Tip – A Robots.txt Example

The Robots.txt file is the first file search engines look for when they visit a site. We take a look at how to manage this file in WordPress.
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How to document WordPress to make testing easier

WordPress Testing

Testing a WordPress site after updating WordPress or a plugin is a must. If you have been documenting your changes to the site it will be much easier to restore your site if any errors are introduced. Check out the document we use.
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A video on how to create a sitemap

Video Tip – How To Create A Sitemap

A demonstration on the two ways to create a sitemap including the use of a WordPress plugin.
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Video Tip on how to improve SEO for images in WordPress

Video Tip: WordPress SEO for Images

WordPress SEO can be improved by paying attention to details about the images that are used on your pages and blog posts.
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