Video Tip - Tour of Google Trends

Video Tip – Google Trends

Learn about the Google Trends tool and how to use it for creating content and buying ads for your business.
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Learn how to create URLs for Google Analytics

Video Tip – Create Google Analytics Optimized Links

Learn how to use Google's URL builder to create URL for links in your content that allows Google Analytics to track the traffic.
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Video Tip on how to find free and premium WordPress themes

Video Tip – How To Find A WordPress Theme

Video tip demonstrates how to find free and premium themes for WordPress sites.
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Learn how to examine search engine result pages

Video Tip: Understanding Search Engine Result Pages

When we talk about our position in search engines result pages we usually are more concerned about our organic position – or our position without paying for ads. We take a look at Search Engine Result Pages to find out how to critically look at them.  
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Learn how to get the exact color from any website

Video Tip – Using Color Cop for Matching Exact Website Color Codes

Color cop is an easy to use tool that allows you to get the exact match for a specific color code. This tool can also help you pick colors for your website.
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Lean how to add google analytics to a wordpress site

Video Tip: Adding Google Analytics To A WordPress Site

Google Analytics provides the tools to understand how a website is working. It is simple to add Google Analytics to a WordPress site after you create a Google Analytics account. This is a demonstration of how to add Google Analytics to a WordPress site. <iframe width=”560R
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Learn how to customize the welcome email in Constant Contact

Video Tip – Customize the Welcome Email in Constant Contact

The Welcome email in Constant Contact can be turned off or on. When the welcome letter is turned on, this is what contacts will receive when they join your list. You have the ability to edits colors, add images, and even change the layout.
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Learn how to embed a google calendar on a WordPress page

Video Tip: How To Embed A Google Calendar On A WordPress Site

Learn how to embed a calendar on a page so that you can publicize your events to your visitors.
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Video Tip - How to Set up Google Alerts for Your Business

Video Tip: How to Set up Google Alerts for Your Business

This video demonstrates how to set up Google alerts for your business. Setting up Google alerts help you stay on top of what is being said about the alerts you set up. Google Alerts also allow you to be proactive in utilizing the information that is being displayed on Google.
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Lean how the robots.txt file words and see examples

Video Tip – A Robots.txt Example

The Robots.txt file is the first file search engines look for when they visit a site. We take a look at how to manage this file in WordPress.
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